Green energy for life


Radiant Solar Private Limited is an equal opportunities employer. Our company recognizes each and every individual as a part of our team and we are a flat organization. Radiant Solar provides learning and development through on-the-job training on a continuous basis. Our people undergo a series of training programs that encompass technical and functional training as well as enhancing behavioral skills. In addition, Radiant Solar recognizes every individual through our rewards and recognition program and to top it all, we provide a "fun" working environment. The Radiant Solar objective is for you to enjoy what you do while you are serious about achieving your goals. Our goal is to provide a friendly place for you to work freely while you can be your own self.

Job Opportunities

Radiant Solar provides its employees an ideal work environment that allows them to shine to their best capability. We look for candidates with a "can-do, will-learn and outshine" attitude, an aptitude for innovative thinking, and the drive to not just grow with the company, but to take their personal achievement and company goals to new levels. Radiant Solar fosters teamwork as one of the critical elements to a company's success. There is no "I" in team and similarly one individual cannot make the company grow, but a team can!

So, if you have what it takes - Passion, talent, energy and enthusiasm to learn and excel, ambition, ability to think out-of-the-box and a teamwork ethic - then Radiant Solar is your next home!

For more information, please write to and do send us your resume with a cover letter.